To apply to deliver government subsidised activities, you require a Head Agreement.

What is a Head Agreement?

A Head Agreement is a contractual arrangement that outlines your service provider terms and conditions, and allows you to apply to deliver subsidised activities.

Read the Indicative Head Agreement to understand the terms and conditions.

What subsidised activities can you deliver under a Head Agreement?

Depending on your organisation type, once you have a Head Agreement, you can apply to deliver:

  • subsidised vocational education and training (VET) under an Accredited Training Service Agreement (ATSA), if you're a Registered Training Organisation
  • non-accredited subsidised activities under an Employment Projects Service Agreement (EPSA).

To deliver both accredited and non-accredited activities, you need both service agreements.

A Head Agreement does not guarantee that a service agreement will be issued. A Head Agreement by itself does not entitle you to deliver subsidised services.

For more information and to apply for a Head Agreement, see Apply for a Head Agreement.

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