Deliver subsidised training to school students and help them get a head start on their career pathway.

    Training Guarantee for SACE Students (TGSS)

    As an approved TGSS provider, you can deliver subsidised training to secondary school students as part of their SACE (or equivalent).

    The course needs to be a TGSS-approved course on the Subsidised Training List and on your Training Provider Schedule of Courses.

    Qualifications available through TGSS

    To check if a qualification is available through TGSS, see the Subsidised Training List.

    Student eligibility

    To be eligible for the training guarantee, students need to be:

    • 16 years or over
    • enrolled in SACE
    • completing, or have completed, VET or work placement related to their career pathway.

    Students will be guaranteed a funded place with you after completing school, when they:

    • successfully complete the SACE, including a minimum of 30 SACE credits of nationally accredited VET in certain qualifications and at least 70 hours of relevant work placement in an approved qualification
    • continue the certificate III (or higher) course started as part of their SACE.

    Your TGSS responsibilities

    Delivering training and assessment services under TGSS has particular responsibilities and you'll need to:

    • show a special duty of care to school students, even though the student’s school has the principal duty of care
    • carefully monitor students’ progress and provide support when it is needed
    • work together with the student’s school to help prepare an education and training plan for each student
    • regularly exchange information with the school about student attendance, engagement and progress
    • report all relevant student enrolment and completion data to schools in a timely way to make sure that schools meet the reporting requirements and timelines of the SACE Board
    • publish full, clear and correct information to students including:
      • occupational and educational outcomes for the qualification
      • course duration, course contact hours, delivery modes, expected non-contact study times and other obligations such as work placement that students need to fulfil to satisfactorily complete the course and
      • student fee policies including information about additional fees for incidental expenses that a student may be charged
    • provide appropriate learning support to students and meet the individual learning needs of each student to achieve successful outcomes
    • make sure that the student, the student’s family and the school are aware of the arrangements for the transition to the provider to take up their guaranteed place once the student has completed SACE (or equivalent) and left school
    • make sure that a guaranteed training place is available for the student to complete the qualification listed in the student’s education and training plan.

    Education and training plan forms

    Download and complete the education and training plan forms.

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