Training providers are different in how they operate and what they offer. Researching them can help you choose which one suits you best and prevent any issues in your training.

Choosing a training provider

Before you enrol in a course, think about your needs and compare what different training providers offer.

The checklist below includes some useful questions you can ask yourself and the training providers you’re considering. For example, what supports does the training provider have if you need extra help with your studies? If you need to work part time to support yourself, does the training provider allow you to do online learning in your own time?

You should also check your rights and responsibilities, as well as fees and refund policies in case you need to withdraw from your course.

Before you sign your contract with a training provider

Before you sign anything or pay any money, make sure you read the contract carefully and understand it. Ask a friend to help you if there is anything you do not understand. Make sure you’re aware of the attendance requirements and refund policy.

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