Once you’ve chosen a training provider, the next step is to enrol with them.

What to take with you when you enrol

When enrolling, you'll need to provide information about yourself, such as:

  • proof of citizenship (citizenship certificate)
  • proof of identity (driver’s licence, student ID, birth certificate, passport etc)
  • proof of previous learning, especially if you are claiming Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).
    For more information, see Recognising skills and overseas qualifications.
  • employment service provider name
  • participant job seeker ID.

These documents will help your training provider to check that you meet course entry requirements, assess your eligibility for subsidised training, and do an upfront assessment of your learning and support needs.

Assessing your learning and support needs

Before enrolling in subsidised training, your training provider will assess your individual learning and support needs. They will work with you to identify help you need to succeed in the course, and develop a learning and support plan for you. 

As part of this upfront assessment, they will:

  • check if your employment service provider has referred you to training
  • discuss whether the course is a good fit for you and give you detailed information about the course
  • assess your reading and maths skills, and sometimes writing, to decide whether you need any additional support
  • discuss whether you have any personal issues that could interfere with your training and plan support where needed.

What to know before enrolling

Student/Participant Number and Participant Agreement

When you first enrol in a subsidised course, you get a Participant Number which records your participation and results for the course and any future subsidised training.

Your personal information may be used to determine future eligibility for subsidised courses and for statistical purposes, including reporting to other bodies.

Keep a record of your Participant Number, particularly if you plan to do further study. 

If you misplace your Participant Number, ask your training provider for it, or call the Infoline on 1800 673 097.

Collecting information

We collect, use, store and disclose information only in accordance with the South Australian Information Privacy Principles. The Participant Agreement explains which personal information is collected and how it will be used.

Freedom of information

To access or amend your personal information held by us, call the Infoline on 1800 673 097.

Unique Student Identifier

Every student enrolling in nationally-recognised vocational education and training in Australia gets a Unique Student Identifier (USI). Your USI helps you access all your training records and results online.

You can apply for your USI or your training provider can apply for a USI on your behalf, with your permission.

To create your USI, visit Unique Student Identifier.

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