Apprenticeships and traineeships are flexible and can be changed to suit the needs of your business and your apprentice or trainee.

Making changes to your training contract

Over the course of training, you or your apprentice may want to change the arrangements in the training contract such as the hours of training, the qualification or the training provider.

Changes can be made to the training contract with the agreement of the employer and the apprentice or trainee (and their parent or guardian if they’re under 18).

To make a change to your training contract, complete the relevant form below and submit it using our contact details on the form.

We’ll advise you in writing whether the change has been approved and the contract altered.

Changes to your training contract may include:

Help is available to continue or change your training contract.

For more information, assistance with changing a training contract or for support to keep contracts going, call the Infoline on 1800 673 097.

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