An Aboriginal apprentice or trainee can bring valuable skills to your business and you could be eligible for incentives and support.

Help to employ and train an Aboriginal apprentice or trainee

The Skilling South Australia Aboriginal Apprenticeship Initiative (AAI) links employers with Aboriginal South Australians seeking traineeships and apprenticeships (including school-based). 

We will work with you to:

  • find and recruit suitable Aboriginal apprentices 
  • apply for financial incentives 
  • arrange support for you and your apprentice, including culturally appropriate mentoring.

Financial incentives to take on Aboriginal apprentices 

Retention incentives are paid in two instalments, three months after commencement and halfway through the training contract.

  • School-based apprenticeships or traineeships - $1,500
  • 12 month traineeships - $3,000
  • 24 month traineeships - $4,000
  • 3 year apprenticeships or traineeships - $8,000
  • 4 year apprenticeships -$10,000.

The retention incentives are in addition to any incentives the Australian Government may offer.

How to start

For information and support for your business to take on an Aboriginal apprentice, contact your local Aboriginal Apprenticeship Coordinator.

North Adelaide, Mid North and Barossa

Lesley Rachwal
0407 394 822

Western Adelaide, Eastern Adelaide and Adelaide Hills

Lesley Rachwal
0407 394 822

Southern Adelaide, South East and Murraylands

Trevor Lovegrove
0428 112 904

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