If you stopped an apprenticeship or traineeship before completing it, now’s the time to restart it and get credit for your previous work and training.

As an out of trade apprentice or trainee, you can restart your incomplete apprenticeship or traineeship with your previous or new employer. You’ll also need to negotiate a new training plan with your employer and training provider.

You’ll develop a new training contract and training plan in agreement with your employer and training provider.

The time you spent under a previous training contract in the same occupation will usually be automatically deducted from your new training contract.

Let your employer know if you have already spent some time as an apprentice or trainee. If you started your apprenticeship or traineeship in South Australia, and you don’t know how much credit of time you have done, we can check your records. If you started in another state or territory, we will need evidence of that.

To find a new employer, visit the Skill Connect Register.

For more information, call the Infoline on 1800 673 097.


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