If you’ve lost your trade certificate or certificate of competency, you can request a duplicate.

Copies for former apprentices

If you’re a former apprentice, you can apply for a duplicate trade certificate. You’ll need to outline the reason that your original certificate has been lost or destroyed when completing the application form.

Certificates were first issued in the middle of 1967.  Duplicates can be issued for apprenticeships completed after that time. For apprenticeships completed before mid-1967 we may be able to provide an extract of your record. Extracts may also be provided to apprentices who have terminated part way through their training contract.

Copies for former trainees

If you’re a former trainee, you can apply for an extract of your training contract record. Complete the extract of training contract application form.

Duplicate certificates or extracts will generally be mailed to former apprentices and trainees within 3-4 weeks.


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